The Good (Virtual) Pub Guide


I like a drink as much as the next man. Ok, I probably like a drink more than the next man; even if the next man happens to be asleep on a park bench, surrounded by empty cans of special brew. Basically, I’m a fucking piss-head.

My other favourite past-time being gaming, I thought to myself, “this is why I have to lie on my CV” followed by, “I should combine those two interests and take a look at gamings various drinking establishments”.

So it’s with great pleasure that I bring to you: The Good Virtual Pub Guide.

I do use the word pub quite liberally here though; I’ll be taking a look not only pubs, but also Inns, taverns, saloons and night clubs. Basically anywhere you can (hopefully) kick back and relax with a cold one.

Pub Reviews:

Moriarty’s Saloon – Megaton

Bantam – Kamurocho

Hyperion Cantina – Behemonth-class Battlercruiser

More coming soon

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