This Month In Gaming (Jan 2016)


Back to blogging in the truest sense of the term! Just rambling about gaming stuff that I’ve been up to recently. Spoilerific rating: 2/10.

Fallout 4


I, like most people, am a massive Fallout fan, so picking up the latest entry in the series needed to happen. My first impression though, was that I’d hit the old-age gamer problem again (No, not that I smelt of piss) and that I’d been here and done this a million times. I appreciate that what I am saying here is that I bought a fallout game and am now moaning that it plays like a fallout game  – how people buy Fifa each year is beyond me – but I really thought the sense of deja vu was going to leave it dead in the water at first.

I’m please to say though that the new settlement building stuff has kept me invested. I should really be off doing more important things, but luckily the scene setting piece at the beginning of the game  – despite being cool – is over a little too quickly. I dunno: maybe I’m just a bastard, but it didn’t leave me emotionally attached to anything, so I’m more than happy to ignore it and focus on the more important matters…like setting up a pool table in my new pad.

Other stuff to mention: V.A.T.S seems more optional this time. I’ve been playing it more first person shootery this time around, but that might just be because my guy is fucking useless in V.A.T.S. Seriously, the prick can’t hit anything. Mate, those raiders are going to kill you, rape you and then eat your corpse: stop firing warning shots at them you moron.



I got this over Christmas and gave it a watch. It’s a Adam Sandler movie where Adam Sandler plays the role of Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler stuff happens. This time however, there is a gaming theme running through it. Being a nerd, this kind of stuff pleases me – although I was pissed with them using a fictional game to shoe-horn in a love interest. With the vast pool of source material, this just seemed really lazy to me and more importantly, it burst my nostalgic bubble. On a more positive note, I like how they handled the transitioning of 8 bit games into real world environments. The pac-man bit was especially well done.

Not a great movie by any stretch of the imagination but it kept me entertained from start to finish and that’s enough for me.

Ready Player One


I’m re-reading this again (which is pretty unprecedented for me and books) after being duped by a Kobo (think Kindle) special offer. I didn’t get the 90% off that the e-mail promised me, but I purchased the book anyway and haven’t regretted it. If you’re a fan of gaming culture and/or the 80’s, then this is a must read. It’s impossible to escape my bias on this, but I think it would probably be a good read even if you weren’t into either of those things.

The dystopian future it portrays is easy to imagine and the characters, although far from shallow or generic, fit nicely in the easy to distinguish roles of good guys vs bad guys. The plot as well, not without nuance or twists, sits nicely in the classic brains vs brawn story, as the underdog takes on the evil mega-corporation. I think it’s the way the concepts of the story are so well realised and thought out that really appeal to me. I’m never left struggling to imagine what is being said or tripping over any annoying plot holes. There’s nothing I find completely implausible or stupid about the story. I just find it extremely easy to completely fall into this book in a way that I never have done before. Every part of it is a joy to read.

Pure Gameplay on PS Vita


It seems there are games that, no matter how good, I simply won’t play on console. The reason I know this is a weird platform issue (and not the games themselves) is because games I tried and rejected on console, I’m now lapping up on PS Vita. I’ve no idea how that logic works, but the upshot is I’ve been enjoying some real arcadey goodness at the moment:

Titan Attacks is a modern take on classic space invaders. It was good whilst it lasted, but a bit too easy. Once I upgraded my ship to a certain level I found myself pretty invincible, which made the game pretty pointless. Arcade games don’t have the depth to support anything other than short, sharp sessions – trying to beat your last highscore. They got the difficulty curve a bit wrong here.

Resogun was popular on the PS4 at lunch and I still believe it was only because there was fuck all else to play. I wouldn’t lower my PS4 to this archaic shite – but as I said above, I’ll play it for hours on my Vita. Quite an addictive little game, but I think I’m failing to grasp some of the basics. My little dudes keep dying and I’m not always sure what kills them.

Luftrausers is easily one of my favourite Vita games/games on vita. I don’t even want to try and dissect it to ascertain why I like it so much. Sometimes I think over analysing things can confuse the situation. As is the case with boobs; it’s just best to appreciate their awesomeness and leave it there.