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I’ve stipulated TV ad here (rather than trailers in general) for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I’m old enough to remember when gaming ads on TV were so rare that just seeing one was cause for celebration…for me (I was a bit of a loser). Secondly, the internet generation may have provided a place for trailers to appear in abundance, the same can not always be said for eminence. Quality not quantity.

That said, what about quality and quantity? I’m really rather fond of the numerous and humorous Clash of Clans adverts. I’ve seen an assortment of these ads pop up on TV and each one seems as entertaining as the last. The unfortunate issue here is though, as good as they are, I can’t really identify one advert that is better than the rest. They’re all great:

Also, as much as I value humour, I fear that the light hearted nature of the adverts don’t meet the requirements for my personal core values, when it comes to defining greatness. For that, I feel it has to stir something a little deeper; something more profound. That is why my actual choice is this advert for Halo 3:

Starting out with a scene that I’m sure we can all relate to; a couple of children are gazing up at the stars, pondering the universe. It then dramatically, yet seamlessly, switches to another place and possibly time; from the eyes of the star gazing child, to that of the legendary,  semi-conscious, master chief. He’s coming to, after getting blown out of a warthog. Concerned radio chatter asks for a sit-rep, assuming the the worst as they conclude “I think we lost him”. The defiant Master Chief simply responds “Not yet” as he throws down a bubble shield in the face of a incoming mortar round. As the explosion fades, the music kicks in and the Chief springs to his feet, grabbing his assault rifle as he changes and leaps into the middle on the ensuing battle.

It’s only a minute long, but it’s a powerful, emotion stirring ad that literally makes me shout “Fuck yeah” to myself. More importantly, it made me pumped to play Halo 3. When I saw that ad, I craved Halo 3. I needed Halo 3. It doesn’t even show any actual gameplay and yet I still had to have Halo 3. For me, that’s EXACTLY what a TV ad is meant to do – so that’s why it’s my pick for favourite TV ad.

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  1. Harry Fancy

     /  January 26, 2015

    Better than the Rik Mayall ad for Nigel Mansel on the snes? Not bloody likely

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