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When it comes to playing or watching sport in real life, I can’t say I really do either in abundance. In the past, booze was always the common denominator, as opposed to a particular sport. We’d go and get pissed whilst watching the rugby or we’d go and get pissed whilst watching the cricket. Thinking about it now, this could be why I never really got into football; you can’t go and get pissed whilst watching it, as apparently football fans can’t be trusted with booze.

This attitude seems to have crossed the divide into video games as well, as it’s not a genre I’ve spend much time with. The trouble with all this is, it gave me a short-list that only consisted of  NHL14, California Games on the Master System and Mutant League Football on the Mega Drive. All worthy choices actually, but none that I really wanted to go with.

However, I then remembered that extreme sport was a thing and I happen to be a big fan of that, both in real life and in gaming. My particular flavour of extreme sport is aggressive inline, but the video game equivalent (of the same name actually) doesn’t really stir anything emotionally inside me. It was an enjoyable enough game, but it didn’t dethrone  – and thus was always over shadowed by – the game I’m going to pick: Tony Hawks Pro Skater (3).

Pads are for pussies, Tony

Pads are for pussies, Tony

I’ve put the 3 in brackets as, truth me told, I’ve put so much time into that series that it’s hard to single out a particular game. They’re kind of like this massive, gnarly, gaming-combo that takes place in my mind; it’s hard to tell where one ends and the next begins. I do seem to recall 3 being the pinnacle of the series (for me) though, before it started to plateau and then eventually drop off.

Given that I’ve already admitted to being a fan, it puts me in poor standing for my next statement, but I feel that Tony Hawks is a game that’s entertaining even if you’ve little interest in the subject. Whereas something like Skate 3 is more a reflection of the sport, Tony Hawks focuses more on game side of things. What this means is, radical in the place of realism. Sure, you might be riding a skateboard, but you’ll be doing it on a cruise ship or in a steel works or around an airport. Pulling off tricks is also a key part, but the emphasis here is more about the score that’s generated from the impossible, endless stream of moves, than the actual trick itself. You’ll also find yourself tasked with completing all manner of challenges that really have no bearing on the sport at all. It’s all pure game mechanics.

Leaked imagges of Titanic's deleted scenes

Leaked images of Titanic’s deleted scenes

That’s all there is to it really. I could go on about the soundtrack that complemented the game so well, the awesome skate videos you could unlock or the diverse customisation options, but the real magic here was all about Neversoft’s ability to produce such brilliant gameplay through the medium of skateboarding. I’ve said this before in a previous post, but I feel that Tony Hawks is one of the greatest series in video games history.

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