Fodders Favourite: Action-adventure Game


If there is a broader sweeping genre-mop than action-adventure, I can’t name it. This genre covers everything from The Ocarina of time, through to Ecco the Dolphin. You may think such a diverse genre would require an age of time spent in consideration, as you ponder the massive list of games scooped up by its indiscriminate jaws. You’d be wrong. The correct way to do it is to close your eyes, pick one and then run blindly through the walls of nay-sayers, with fingers in your ears, shouting “Fuck you, this is my blog”. The alternative is a path that leads you to a bad place. A place where you sit in the corner of a room, dribbling, whilst gently rocking back and forth, mumbling the names of an endless list of games.

Mentioned already are such greats as The Ocarina of Time, a game to feature at the top spot of many “Top Ten” lists. Uncharted, The last of Us, Tomb Raider; All amazing, ground breaking games. My choice is somewhat simpler however and features an egg: Fantasy World Dizzy.

some how this shit worked

somehow this shit worked

It’s not the first in the Dizzy series and I’m not sure if it’s considered the best either, but it’s certainly my most-loved. Taking classic platforming action – which was once my favourite genre – and combining it with the depth of adventure games, Fantasy world Dizzy tested you both physically and mentally. The games numerous puzzles would halt your progress and an ill-timed jump could send you tumbling (well, rolling) to your death. It’s worth mentioning that this was back in the 80’s when games were much less forgiving. There was no checkpoint system and no Game FAQs to check for the answer, which meant there was a lot more consequence to getting things wrong.

It’s the point around lack of Game FAQs that really, I think, makes this game stand out for me. Ocarina of time, I’m ashamed to say, was only completed due to the help of a game guide. No such luxury was available during the time of Dizzy, and that led to a sense of accomplishment that really is hard to create in today’s “Google it” world. When I beat this game, I really felt like I beat the game. I figured out those puzzles on my own. It was my dab hand reflexes that guided the fragile little egg person past the games numerous pitfalls unbroken. It was all me! And it felt all the better because of it.

Eat a dick, Skyrim

Eat a dick, Skyrim

It’s also, of course, a really good game. Whether you’re playing on the 8 or 16 bit version, its game world is constructed of beautiful, varied locations that use a splendid mix of vibrant colours. It featured a memorable cast of quirky characters and had catchy music that was sure to get stuck in your head.  Whereas games like Uncharted and The Last of Us – that look amazing today – are sure to diminish over time, the magic of Fantasy World Dizzy will live on forever.

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