Fodders Favourite: Driving Game


This has easily been the hardest choice so far. See, I really like cars. I really really like cars. To put this into perspective; the other day I was sitting on the sofa, bashing one out to Babestation, as you do. At some point I’d accidentally lent on the controller and it had turned over to Top Gear. I didn’t even realise this had happened until after I’d blown my load. That’s how much I like cars (or possibly middle aged men).

The upshot of this is that over the years I’ve played an absolute wealth of driving games and I’ve really enjoyed them all, usually for different reasons. As I’m trying to stay away from any kind of objectivity in picking my favourites and just going with my gut feelings, this makes deciding on one game especially difficult. As I rack my brain, thinking over each game in turn and hoping one will push it’s way to the front, I have seen a pattern arise.  My logical side keeps coming back to the Forza series, and my more nostalgic side keeps reminiscing about an absolute classic. As great as logic is, it’s not always as interesting or entertaining. So, with that in mind, I think I’ll go with the classic; Driver for the the PS1.

Re-enact the movies

Re-enact the movies

What could be more apt really? We’re talking favourite driving games and this one is simply entitled “Driver”. The choice may have been a tricky one, but the reasoning isn’t. Driver was SO MUCH FUN to play. That might sound pretty simplistic, but it’s not a feat many games actually manage. I’m not talking storylines, impressive graphics or fancy set pieces (all of which were great by the way), I’m talking gameplay that could carry the game on it’s own. Much of the time I’d just hit “take a ride” – the games sandbox freeride mode – and blast around the city, launching off ramps and making the police chase me.

One of the main benefits of the story for me, other than it being both fitting and good (you played the role of an undercover cop that becomes a wheel-man to infiltrate the mob), was it unlocked new freeride locations to burn about in. Each one was a recreated real world city, like San Francisco, Miama and New York. It wasn’t just that hammering around these beautifully (for the time) crafted cities – weaving in and out of traffic whilst racing away from cops – looked good; it was that it felt good. It was fast and fluid, with the controls nailing that sweet spot right between sim-like realism and arcade controllability.

The best way to sum it up is; Reflections Interactive captured the essence of 1968’s Bullitt and injected it into their game, putting you behind the wheel. For those of you that haven’t seen that movie (go do so), we’re talking american muscle, massive burn outs, screeching tyres and  arse-out action round every corner, as hub caps fly off in all directions. It’s all there in it’s rawest, purest form and when it comes to driving, it doesn’t get much better than this.

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  1. Ewww. It’s good that TV is one way as I wouldn’t wish the sight of your vinegar strokes on anyone, even Jeremy Clarkson!

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