Fodders Favourite: Fighting Game


Much like the games themselves, there are two contenders that have taken to the stage, standing on opposing sides and  battling it out to become the champion, claiming the title of “Fodders Favourite Fighting game”. Those games are Capcom’s Street Fighter 2 and Midway’s Mortal Kombat.

Both are so evenly matched that it really is almost impossible to call. Gameplay between the two is largely identical, with the same 1 vs 1 close-quarters combat, of best out of 3 battles, that take place from the same 2D side on perspective. Both feature a line-up of over the top characters, each with their own list of special moves that serve to differentiate themselves from one another. Both are immensely fun to play, either against friends or on your own against the computer.

The thing that clinches it for me and delivers the decisive shoryuken to competition is, somewhat strangely for a fighting game, the music. With the core gameplay being so tight between them, it’s Streetfighter 2’s musical score that I feel edges it into the top spot. Whilst Mortal Kombats music may have been fitting enough, it was also largely forgettable. Street Fighter on the other hand, was accompanied by a soundtrack that complemented it so well, it lifted it to legendary status.

Even the box art was amazing

Even the box art was amazing

From the title screen, through to each stage; every part of the game was coupled to a fabulous track that somehow managed to lend individual character, yet also gel together well as a whole. Music is usually something that, on the surface, I tend to over look and yet in Street fighter it really helped energised the game to the point of staying with me long after I’d finished playing.

Moving away from the music, and onto a personal level; despite being the ideal game for playing against your mates, one of my fondest memories is playing it alongside my mates, almost as a co-op experience. It could just be that we were rubbish, but I distinctly remember the game being really hard to beat, so me and my mates would each take turns trying to beat the tougher opponents – eventually completing the game with every character. I don’t think it was so much as winner stays on or turn based, but more a case of rather than throwing the controller at the screen, you simply handed it over to your mate as you allowed your built up stress to return back to safe levels. There are only so many times you can battle in despair against M. Bison’s endless stream of seemingly impossible moves, before you want to break something.

M. Bison: Complete dickhead

M. Bison: Complete dickhead

Finally, on playing the game recently, after all these years, I was pleasantly surprised to find it’s just as good now as it was back then. There may have been many iterations since it’s release, but Street Fighter 2 is still the best!

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  1. I could never get into Mortal Kombat. I think it was because the characters never really looked like they were hitting each other. Plus, attempting a fatality always ended in disappointment.

    Bison is definitely a dickhead.

    • haha, yeah, the “Finish him” screen would come up, I’d walk my character over, try and remember the button combo, get it wrong and lamely kick my opponent in the knee instead.

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