Fodders Favourite: First Person Shooter


Where better to start than the over-saturated FPS genre of games. The way I see it, there are two ways I can tackle this one; I can either ponder the merits of each and every FPS game that I’ve ever played, meticulously going over the pros and cons of each title,  OR I could just do what I’m going to do, which is to say “fuck it” and go with my gut feeling of Goldeneye.

My main reason for picking this game, other than the endless list of praise the game has already received over the years, is that in Goldeneye, you can shoot people in the arse. Whilst it’s true that other games allow you to target the buttock region, none truly acknowledge the action in true form and reward you like Goldeneye does. As you creep up behind your unsuspecting victim, weapon in hand, and then squeeze off a round into their butt, you can almost feel their discomfort as they launch into the air, grabbing their posterior as they go. It’s a moment of gaming that can be described as nothing other than magical.

Comical beats logical everytime

Comical beats logical everytime

It wasn’t all about the arse either; shots to all manner of body parts would be acknowledged by your foes and they’d react accordingly to the wound you delivered. Even today, I can’t think of another game that does this to the level Goldeneye did. The result was that each bullet had real impact and it added a dynamic to the gameplay that very felt unique. As one guard was busy licking his wounds from your first shot, it bought you valuable seconds to move onto the next gauard. In this manner you could take on a room full of enemies, even where the odds where stacked heavily against you. It also looked rad as balls, to boot.

On a more personal level, this game not only dominated the talk of the playground for months, it also helped me forge friendships with kindred spirits – friendships that are still strong to this day. Weekends were lost to endless rounds of proximity mines on complex, golden gun on facility and constant bitching about the inaccuracy of the klobb. I struggle to name another game that I’ve put as much time and effort into, completing every level, on every difficulty and doing the speed-runs to unlock every cheat mode.

Once the weird mouth has been seen, it can never be unseen

Once the weird mouth has been seen, it can never be unseen

Based on the legendary series, this is truly a legendary game, worthy of the acclaim it receives.

James Bond Will return.

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  1. It took me 10 years to finish this as I got stuck at the level where you fight Onatopp in the jungle and gave up. A decade later I dug out the N64 and took her to school!

    Did you ever play Perfect Dark? It had the same system of being able to shoot various body parts and earned itself an 18 rating because of it!

    • Perfect Dark was an awesome “Sequel” to an amazing game. At first I was disappointed that there was no new Bond game, but I actually think Perfect Dark became a better sequel because of it.

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