My Favourite Gaming Moment

When asked what my favourite gaming moment is, my response is:

My first clan match.  It was a game called America’s Army, which if you’ve played it, you’ll know that it’s a title that basically serves as propaganda to enlist teenagers into the armed forces.  Anyway, I digress.  I was given a position and told to “Take cover here, keep down and drop anything that comes over that ridge or tries to flank us to the right.  Make sure you report any contacts”.  So there I was, down on my chin strap, taking cover between some rocks.  Despite only being a game, I’m soo nervous I can feel my heart beating.  I don’t want to be the n00b that lets the side down.

The game kicks off and for the first few minutes it’s eerily quiet.  Then, the silence is shattered!  Off to my left I can hear 203′s popping off and intermittent gun fire.  People are reporting contacts, but its all a bit of a jumbled confusion.  I have to fight the urge to go help my buddies out.  My job is right here, covering this flank.

Another report comes in “They’re breaking through on the left, falling back”.  What does that mean?  Should I fall back as well?  The battle has now shifted, it’s no longer in front of me, instead it rages in my head.  Should I stay or should I go?  I was told to hold here and cover the ridge.  However, the choice is made for me as I detect movement down to the right.  The conflict over to the left ceases to exist, as well as the one in my head.  All that matters is right here, right now.  I take aim and bring the target up in my wavering gun sights.  Once again I can clearly hear my heart beating.  I pull the trigger and a rattle of M16 fire kicks off, hitting the target square in the head.  “Contact right! Enemy down!” I scream, pretending I know what I am doing!

I don’t get time to celebrate though as the latest chatter in my headset informs me that “I think there’s one in the comms tower”.  Covering the ridge suddenly becomes a very redundant task; if they take the comms tower, they win the game.  I elect to fall back and try secure the comms tower.  I stand up, turn around and run manically, all the time anticipating a bullet in my back.  As I reach the objective I am pulled slightly from the intense immersion…I can’t remember which bloody button opens doors!  What a n00b!  It doesn’t matter though because just as I’m about to start “button roulette”, I hear the sound of gun fire from within and the game ends.  My buddy “Xtreme” has neutralised the last bad guy right as he was trying to take the objective!  There is a round of back slapping and “good game guys” before its on to the next round.  This time we are attacking and its our job to take the comms tower.  I could get used to this……

(and I did – I spent the next few years being a active clan match gamer in America’s Army, Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty)